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So, I’m going to touch a little more in depth on what each procedure is meant to target and improve, and why we like to combine those procedures together.

Ok, so let’s touch base on VI Peel. So, a chemical peel in itself is a chemical exfoliant meant to help to promote cellular turnover. We carry VI Peel Precision Plus. We’ve carried it for years. It works great for all patients. So, the VI Peel Precision Plus is a medium depth peel. It’s gonna help kind of suppress your melanin production, as well as rapidly promote cellular turn over. So, we’re getting improvement in terms of Sun damage, if your dealing with melasma, if you dealing with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It’s also going to bring your skin back to its natural health. So if you are even hanging a little bit more oily or even a little more dry, it’s going to kinda balance that pH level in your face to bring you back to your normal.

OK, so let’s touch base on neurotoxin because we all love our tox. So, neurotoxin is gonna typically be injected into the muscles in your face that are going to create those fine lines and wrinkles. So, your glabella, forehead and crow’s feet are probably going to be our most common areas to treat with neurotoxin. It’s going to prevent those muscles from contracting so we’re not forming those fine lines and wrinkles.

OK. Come watch me get a Glowtox treatment.

Ok. Peels been applied. Neurotoxin has been injected. With the VI Peel there clearly is an orange tint to this peel. It will stay on for about 4 to 6 hours. Now, with the peel, I will be done peeling here in about a week’s time. Neurotoxin will fully kick in in about 2 weeks. And then you are left with smooth, clean and glowing skin. If anyone has any questions, feel free to give us a shout on any of our social media platforms or give us a call. Hope everyone has a great day.

Hey everybody. Hailey here at Inject coming at you one week after my Glowtox treatment. So, I am completely done peeling. Skin is nice and clear and bright and glowy. Discoloration and damaged from the summertime is essentially gone. The results of my BOTOX are also fantastic. I have a little bit of movement still, but I’m not too worried about it because the BOTOX part will take a full two weeks to kick in. But peel-wise, super happy with the result. Very nice and glowy and bright. So if anyone has any questions about either procedure or the combo treatment itself, give us a shout on any of our platforms and hope everyone has a good day.