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Overview of EMSCULPT NEO

Hi, Dr. Greg Ratliff here, talking about EMSCULPT NEO. This is new technology in the office. We introduced it about six, maybe eight weeks ago. And we’ve kind a had a slow start intentionally. We’ve been treating everybody in the office, and we’ve been treating a few patients. But after this intro time, I’m more convinced this technology is absolutely gonna do what it has been asked to do.

EMSCULPT has been around for about three or four years. EMSCULPT is basically what’s called high frequency electromagnetic pulse and it just makes muscle contract. And it will make muscles grow, with this about 25% in terms of muscle increase volume. And that’s not a made-up number, that’s verified by MRI scans on multiple patients. It also, when you put in the other component that makes it the EMSCULPT NEO, that’s radio frequency energy, like we use for BodyTite and FaceTite, and way back in the day, we used to have it in something called Thermage. But it’s really upgraded and improved in terms of how it works. Radio frequency energy is pulsed along with the high frequency electromagnetic, and it actually will kill fat cells. So, we can shrink a fat layer about 30 to 33%. We can grow a muscle layer about 25%. Why is that important? So far, what we have had is either something that will shrink fat, liposuction where you can just suck it out, Coolsculpting, which meh, had two Coolsculpting machines and sold them because the results were not quite up to what I would consider par, and there is other stuff out there, but basically you either had to cut it out, suck it off or try to kill it. With this, you’re not just shrinking the fat, you’re also toning the muscle layer underneath. So, you get a better foundation, along with a smoother layer of fat.

How does it work? It actually kills the fat cells and tightens the muscle. Why does that do good? Because that is what everybody needs. That’s what a tummy tuck is. We’re getting rid of fat, we’re tightening the muscle. Liposuction, we’re just getting rid of fat and it doesn’t tighten anything. This does both and it does it absolutely non-invasively. These things sit, just sit, on the surface of the skin and there’s two of them, if you are big enough to need two– a fat boy like me – you can put it on both sides and treat the entire abdomen. For small women, one in the middle will get the muscle and the fat. It’s four treatments, on average, one a week for a total of four. Some people need six. Some people maybe eight. Kind a depends on where you start. If you are a gym rat and you just want to make your six-pack pop, this will do that in four treatments, and it will make them pop more than you can do in the gym with ab work, sorry to say. The equivalent muscle growth, as far as the studies go, is generally achieved, by a 12-week high intensity workout. You can do this in four sessions, laying on the table. Now, if you are not a gym rat and you’re not perfect, it still shrinks fat. It still tightens muscle. You can be like me, a little pudgy, it will shrink it, it will tone it, and if you want to use it as a jump start towards getting better fit in your abdomen, great. That’s a good jump start, because it will get you way down the road further than you could get simply with exercise. It’s not a replacement for exercise. I don’t want to sell this as “oh it’s a replacement for all kinds of fitness stuff.” It’s not. But it will help you in that journey to get better.

I keep talking about the abs, because that’s the paddles that are on the machine. But we have paddles that will do bicep, tricep, calves, thighs, it goes all over. The biggest one that we have had in terms of demand so far, has been buttock. And you use the same paddles for the butt. And everybody comes in and wants these saddle bags or this little sag down here treated, well if you just tone that muscle, if you tighten your butt muscle, you’ll see that pull in. And that’s what this machine will do. It will shrink a little bit of the fat. It will also tone the gluteal muscles and it gets you all of that area treated. Again. Four treatments, once a week.

Now, everybody asks, “Does it hurt?” No, surprisingly, there’s a slider adjustment on how powerful you’re firing the thing, and you can go anywhere from zero to 100 percent on both the radio frequency and the high frequency electromagnetic pulses. If it’s something you can’t tolerate, then we turn it down. Obviously, if we can get it all the way up and you’re just clicking along and it’s working, that’s great. But if you can only tolerate 60 percent, it’s still giving you a great workout.

The second question people ask frequently about this is, “OK, so what about maintenance? Do I have to do this again?” The short answer is, “no.” This muscle growth is real. It actually, on the studies where they were taking biopsies of muscle and looking, there are actually new muscle fibers developed from the stem cells that live in the fascia in the muscle. So, the muscle fibers will always be there. The new ones are there. But like any other muscle, if you don’t tone it, it will get flabby. So, we can get you new muscle fibers if you do even remotely moderate set of exercises – walking will help you maintain. The studies down the road on this, a year out, show maintenance of both the muscle volume and the fat decrease holding somewhere in those ranges – 24% and 33%. So, the short answer is, “Yes, it’s a permanent effect.” But just like anything else, if you don’t maintain your fitness, this won’t keep you fit just by getting plugged in. On the other hand, you can also come back once every six months, once every three months and get one treatment and get things toned up. You don’t necessarily have to shrink the fat, but you can tone the muscle up again. So, it is a maintenance thing you can do, as well as the initial treatments.

That’s kind of the whole big picture of EMSCULPT. There’s different pricing packages for the different parts of the body. Arms, legs, abs. Depending on how long the treatments take, how many treatments you end up needing. We do have packages that if you by multiple areas, you get a discount on the second area. Because if we only have to plug the machine in once, then we only have to plug the machine in once, so you get a break on the second area. All of that is here. We’ve had now, a really good experience with it. We’ve treated a lot of people with some really spectacular results, and for people like me, kind of OK results. I can do sit-ups more than I used to. I just feel better about it.

Big change it butts. We’ve had several people that didn’t tell their spouses they were doing this. And it got noticed! So, it’s not a fluke. It’s not a fake. It’s not one of those machines where we promise you we’re gonna give you the moon and oh, here’s this bucket of dirt and there’s your moon. This works.

So, if I got you interested in this and you want to explore it a little bit further, the phone number is 918-712-1767. That’s the number for the Inject medical spa upstairs. This is part of the spa, but it’s also, it’s located down here in the main part of the practice, so give us a call. We’ll see if we can get you hooked up.